Corrosion in Air

There are corrosion and coating applications that are made in air meant to evaluate the dielectric properties of the coating itself (isolated from the substrate or electrolyte) or using a humid environment as the electrolyte

For coatings in air the ModuLab-MTS Test System with MREF option or the Model 1296A Dielectric Interface System together with our Model 12962A, 12963A, 12964A sample holders and room temperature sample holder offer the ability to investigate the dielectric properties of coatings with superb accuracy.

The Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP) can be used to visualize corrosion events under organic coatings in the absence of electrolyte or in a humid environment. The directly measured value of Work Function, by backing potential method, can be correlated to Ecorr. The VersaSCAN VS-SKP has a combination of industry-leading scan range and resolution and provides the ability to perform non-destructive testing on real-world samples.