Techniques:                         I-V, C-V, impedance, capacitance, permittivity, AC conductivity, IEC 601 Safety
Applications:           Pacemaker batteries, Implants, Sensors, Tissue, Cancer Research, Tooth Enamel Research, Skin Ischemia, Fruit Freshness
Solartron Analytical offers many impedance related products that are used to evaluate and investigate biomaterials in many applications including human tissue, animal tissue, blood, cells, fruit spoilage, organ transplant tissue viability, tooth enamel, and DNA as well as synthetic materials used for scaffolding bone, implants, stents, electroactive polymers for artificial muscle and a huge variety of other applications. It has been established that use of accurate impedance analyzers facilitate early detection of diseases such as cancer at a much earlier stage than conventional techniques.

These systems are used at a research level and are not to be confused with lower price/performance body fat meters.

Solartron Analytical provides the following test systems for the characterization of biomaterials:
  • The Model 1294A Impedance Interface System offers the safety of IEC-601 current limited connections for in-vivo use in a wide variety of human or animal applications where safety is a concern.
  • Other impedance systems such as 1260A Impedance Analyzer and ModuLab XM MTS can also be used where connection to live human subjects is not required
  • The complete range of Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical potentiostat/galvanostat products are used for medical corrosion applications for example on materials used for pacemakers and other implantable devices.