Download VersaStudio

Important! Read Before Downloading Software!

WARNING: If running a version of VersaStudio older than 1.28 PLEASE contact our 
Technical Support team for instructions BEFORE attempting update to avoid installation problems. Beginning with VersaStudio 2.00, a new USB driver is used to interface between the VersaStudio software and the VersaSTAT and PARSTAT Series hardware. If this download is to be used to upgrade an existing system using a VersaStudio version <2.00, then converting over to this new USB driver is required.

It is imperative to update ALL computers 
whether used to run the instruments or solely for data analysis with the new software version. This prevents issues that may arise from version compatibility and avoid any opportunity for data corruption. 

While it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of VersaStudio from the PC, it is not mandatory. At this time, it is neither necessary nor recommended to remove any existing “Windows USB Driver Packages” specific to Princeton Applied Research. 

Prior to installation of the new VersaStudio version, disconnect any USB cables to all connected potentiostats.

After the VersaStudio software has been downloaded and extracted, launch the installation from the Installers folder using the file “Install_VersaStudio.vbs” Using this script file will automatically determine the appropriate VersaStudio version for your Operating System and will automatically launch the USB Driver Installation.  It is neither recommended nor necessary to run the USB Driver Installer separately if the software is installed in this manner.

After installation, reconnect all USB cables, verifying that all potentiostats are powered on. At this point you will be prompted to update the firmware of all USB powered Princeton Applied Instruments connected to your PC. Please complete this process and ensure that the USB connection and instrument power is maintained during the process, which only takes a few minutes. After the update is complete, the instrument’s power will be cycled. Therefore, the instrument will temporarily be removed from the “Select Instrument” window, reappearing when the process is complete. 

Click below to Download VersaStudio 2.52.3 32-bit & 64-bit
VersaStudio version 2.52.3